Top 10 Reasons to Consider Sapphire       

10. Because others are using it.  Many industry leaders in consumer electronics, retail, energy, security, communications & optics are expanding their use of sapphire.

 9. Because there are important customer segments that prefer premium quality & performance -- attributes that sapphire can provide.

 8. Sapphire is optically-clear & very durable, making it a good fit for end-uses requiring optical performance & ruggedness.  Sapphire for consumer & industrial use is extremely pure and is “water clear” (blue sapphires get their color from impurities).

 7. Sapphire’s dielectric properties create enhanced touch sensitivity opportunities vs. glass & plastic.

 6. Sapphire’s thermal budget is ~5x higher than glass for manufacturing & operating processes at high temperatures.

 5. Sapphire cannot be scratched by sand, concrete or asphalt, which avoids some of the most common root causes of glass display failures.  Scratches on glass often create stress concentration points, which can result in glass screen failures when a glass-covered device is dropped or impacted.

 4. Sapphire enables cooler & faster devices.  Sapphire transmits ~40x more heat than glass.  Cooler devices have longer battery lives, longer OLED lives, & they run faster.

 3. Some industry observers believe leading phone companies continue to include sapphire screens in their product plans.  In fact, in 2016 one of the phone industry's largest suppliers of phone components publicly announced its acquisition of sapphire production equipment with estimated capacity for several million sapphire display screens per year.

 2. Sapphire is an incredibly durable & beautiful crystal.  Glass is…..well, glass.  Sapphire has a unique allure that creates product differentiation & marketing opportunities.

 And the Number One Reason to Consider Sapphire in Your Product Development Plans: 

1. Sapphire industry leaders have significantly improved their production methods in the past 2-3 years, with dramatic increases in quality & scalability.  Sapphire’s performance advantages are now available at specs & prices that enable new functions, new products & new strategies.


If you haven't considered sapphire recently, it's likely worth getting an update.