About summit Sapphire

Sapphire Summit was formed to address the gap between sapphire material customers seeking trusted supply chain relationships and proven sapphire industry players with the capabilities, capacities and trustworthy business practices to address high volume sapphire opportunities.  Based in the United States and working with partners & suppliers worldwide, Summit Sapphire professionals have several years of direct sapphire industry experience and relationships with global sapphire manufacturers at each stage of the sapphire supply chain.  Of the dozens and dozens of sapphire companies we've come across, only a very small number have the combinations of skills & cost structure to address high volume opportunities and to deliver on sapphire's performance advantages.  Summit Sapphire serves as a bridge between sapphire customers and suppliers, and our model is simple: connect buyers with capable suppliers and facilitate the preliminary steps forward.  Then, if the buyer is satisfied with the suppliers' products, we'll be compensated by the suppliers.  Along the way we help new users navigate the paths forward with sapphire, from do's and don'ts with sapphire, to sampling and scale up.  We also help experienced sapphire users improve and expand their supply chains.

Note: A brief search on the internet will find many sellers of sapphire materials.  The reality is that virtually of all the sapphire-related companies with an internet presence do not have the capacity, cost structure or quality programs required to meet the needs of high volume sapphire customers.  Certainly, many sapphire-related companies on the internet have sapphire experience and technical know-how, but that experience and know-how are typically related to low volume opportunities.  Low volume opportunities are not the target of our group.  We focus on opportunities with the *potential* for thousands to tens of millions of units per year and where global supply chain sophistication is a must.  We understand that adoption of a new material begins with low volumes and, with success, ramps up.  Our emphasis is on sapphire opportunities with high-volume potential that leverage our members' capabilities and cost structures while meeting the needs of sophisticated product development and supply chain organizations.  Our suppliers have proven capabilities and capacities to produce from hundreds of thousands to millions of sapphire units per month, and have track records of success with leading companies in the consumer electronics, LED lighting, energy and communications industries.  If this description fits your opportunities and your needs, please contact us.